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Tank Farm Storage Services

Cosylogistic BV Tank Farm Company provides both domestic and international Tank Farm Storage & Distribution Services For Petroleum and Petrochemical Products for our clients and partners. Our decades of experience combined with our extensive distribution networks makes us a valuable logistics partner.

Businesses looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution to supply chain management often get the results they seek through a third party logistics partner like Tank Farm Storage & Distribution Services For Petroleum and Petrochemical Products. Businesses looking to expand into new markets in foreign countries can also benefit greatly from our Tank Farm Storage & Distribution Services. Products stored at our Tank Farm include: Jet Fuel, Diesel D6 Virgin Oil, Diesel Gasoil, Base oils, Lubricants, Crude Oil and many more.

Access To facilities include:

  • Rail loading/unloading
  • Truck loading/unloading
  • Tank storage
  • Vessel storage
  • Firewater systems.

Through our extensive network, we provide land railway and sea, plus delivery services when products have neared their final destinations. Some of the services we have provided include freight storage for the mining industry, Refining Industry management of monthly shipments and distribution of shipments from Europe, and inbound consolidation services for clients with multiple vendors. In addition to regular Storage services, we also provide Customs bonded Storage services.

Existing Network

Existing Network of Valuable Carrier Relationships: A third party logistics partner has an existing network of valuable relationships with carriers and providers which gives you more storage options and opportunities for a wider distribution network that includes local expertise. We are international freight forwarders that provide transport services and solutions for the energy industry. We are members of extensive global networks of freight forwarders and we provide domestic and global trucking, air freight, ocean freight and multimodal transport services.

Shipping and logistics for the energy industry includes moving a wide variety of oversized equipment as well as providing solutions for the movement of fuel and hazardous materials across the country and across t he globe. Logistics providers assists in the coal industry delivery to buyers in Asia and The Netherlands, move natural gas overseas and truck petroleum across the country.

Energy Industry

Transport for the energy industry involves the movement of oversized or out of gauge project cargo. Moving wind turbines or power plant generators across the country requires careful planning and strategy. Freight forwarders and logistics departments must work with local and international authorities to get energy products and equipment safely to their destinations.

The transport of power equipment or products also requires the right kind of transportation equipment as well as specialized and certified drivers and staff that know how to handle hazardous materials and operate specialized trucks and other machinery for the movement of these products. Cosylogistics BV Tank Farm Company provides transportation and logistics solutions for oil, gas and other energy companies around the world. We also provide cargo insurance and import and export consulting services.

Clients say

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cosylogistics BV for the great service rendered to us . You got me the best service ever in just a few moments after I spoke to you. Our company and I really appreciate it "
Minnie & Kobus Horn Sweden
"I would just like to compliment Cosylogistics BV. You have been most professional and gone to great lengths to assist me. Your patience with me as I continuously changed my plans is to be commended. Your service re-affirms why I always choose to work through your company instead of directly. Thank you "
Veona Watson Client

Benefits of Our Tank Farm

Cost-Effective: Partnering with us rather than hiring, training and sustaining your own logistics team is more cost-effective, not only because of the cost of salaries and overhead, but also because of the ability to quickly find the most cost-effective and convenient logistics solutions.

Tank Farm

Tank Farm


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Least initial investment and financial risk
Least initial investment and financial risk
Minimum time for Shipment
It also involves complying with strict regulations in the US and overseas. With the volatile price of oil and gas, it’s more essential than ever to find a cost-effective logistics and shipping solutions partner that knows how to move your equipment and supplies as efficiently and economically as possible.
LPG Multiple storage tanks makes the project faster
LPG Multiple storage tanks makes the project faster, economical, easier and will in turn help the company to start the Tank Farm as soon as possible which in turn will generate good immediate returns.
LPG Multiple Storage tanks are much safer
LPG Multiple Storage tanks are much safer since it weight is distributed evenly on a larger area thus reducing chances of collapse as compared to sphere, especially in small islands prone to earth quakes, cyclones and Tsunami as can be verified from the recent incident in Japan where a row of LPG sphere went under severe fire condition.
Multiple LPG storage tanks
Multiple LPG storage tanks have an added advantage that the load is distributed over a larger area thus the problem of uneven settlement / collapse is largely reduced.